Does God play Chess?

Sometimes it feels like scrabble, trying to make a word out of Q,N,X... F... I need a few vowels! Life would be so much simpler if God knew how to play scrabble properly... I coach him constantly which I'm sure he appreciates...

He cheats really.. he's already won the game... he just likes to play.

He's been playing with me, he switches games. He's been playing headache, you know the one where you pound on the dome filled with dice until you get the number you want. 

I've spent most of my life playing solitaire. I like that game because you keep putting cards out until you get what you want. You play solo, so no one can see if you cheat, or how many times you do it before you get the result you were after. I am the master of my own game!

Until kerplunk... I'm a marble... teetering on the edge of a freefall, wacthing cautiously while my security sticks are slowly, patiently, expertly removed. One stick at a time... until I'm finally freefalling.

Not that my life is a gamble. I'm just enjoying the ride with God, he's already run the race.

So he gave me some scrabble letters recently... A I I G T O O D N....

Took me a while... but with a few moves from the chess board, a few pounds on my head and a few gentle removal of sticks I worked it out..

Go To India..

I'm calling that a tripple word score! 

Game on God. I'm in!