7 Shattered.png Shattered

I hate puzzles.

I mean sure, if you want me to come along after you have been working on a puzzle for hours and put the last 10 pieces in, I’ll oblige. But generally I am puzzle averse.

You know you can buy pictures that aren’t broken into pieces right?

And don’t EVEN with the where’s Wally puzzle. Where’s Wally? I DON’T CARE!

And of course we all get the whole puzzle of life. I’m SUPER pumped that my life may resemble 2 kittens, or an old cottage on a hill once the pieces are all put together. *thumbs up emoji*

But what about when your life gets shattered into a million pieces, and there’s no great picture to assemble, it’s just broken.

You’ve got nothing left.  A bomb went off and the shrapnel hit everyone around you, and you are all just barely alive.

What about that.

I reckon you’d be stoked if your Instagram inspo for the day was this verse:

Matthew 5    The Message (MSG)

3 “You’re blessed when you’re at the end of your rope. With less of you there is more of God and his rule.

What the? *wide eyes flushed cheeks emoji*

Don’t you mean you’re blessed when your life is awesome? Like when your life is so freaking awesome its social media newsworthy?


And excuse me, but what if I am at the end of my rope, in fact my rope has dwindled down to what resembles a piece of old dental floss that the kids have left on the bathroom bench for me to clean up, and I’m clinging to it like it’s a matter of life and death waiting for God to catch me. And I’m blessed?

#shattered = #blessed… are you serious? *eye roll emoji*

With less of me there is more of God and his rule.


Well, I’ve always wanted to be like Corrie Ten Boom in the book “The Hiding Place”. You know when she gets moved into a lice infested dorm room in a concentration camp, and says, Cheers God for this blessing!  Because this means she will be left alone (due to the nits crawling all over her) and she will have more time to share with other nit infested people about him.

*teeth clench emoji*

But I’m not like Corrie Ten Boom. I’m a whingeing snot.


Awkward but true. *downcast emoji*

So given my work in progress status, I’m going to remember that there is blessing in the struggle because even a whinging frightened selfish clinging to dental floss approach to God is better than indifference.

My approach to life and suffering may be deeply flawed, but God isn’t.

When there is less of me, there is more of him.

*praising hands emoji*