10 Reckless.png I buckled my new born into her car seat and dragged my sleep deprived body into the car one Saturday night. I was determined to still have a life post baby, and so I was taking myself out.

I  drove up to a T junction and turned right onto a busy road. Cruising along I started to notice a car flashing their lights at me. So annoying. I checked… no I didn’t have  my lights on high beam. Then another one flashed, STOP FLASHING ME YOU LOSERS. Still more lights flashing. WHAT?! Did I have a flat tire? No. Was I accidentally towing someone whose tie got stuck in my back window? No. What the? And then the beeping of horns. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE. I wasn’t speeding, I was doing 80kmph. My lights were on. Man, people can be so annoying. I continued on because clearly these people had lost their mind. Soon enough, bright orange lights pierced through my window at me, as a tow truck headed straight towards me with his emergency lights flashing. WHAT NOW? You are heading straight for me mate! I slow down, and he keeps coming. I screech to a halt off to the side of the road as he virtually pushes me aside with his bumper.

“Are you drunk” he yells at me? The cheek! He runs me off the road and asks if I am drunk?!

“You are on the wrong side of the road.”

And then it dawns on me. I had turned right onto a double lane carriageway and had been travelling at night at 80kmph on the wrong side of the road into oncoming traffic.


My stomach fell into my socks as the realisation hit me. Reckless. I had been unbelievably reckless with my precious newborn in the car, putting countless others at risk, without even knowing it.

And so it is with recklessness. Sometimes what we think is safe, is actually incredibly reckless.

Perhaps we have been sold a lie, that we are on the safe path.

In fact, that’s his plan isn’t it? To fool us? That we might feel safe, that we might feel secure in our choices that are not of God?

What makes you feel safe?

What does the bible say?

Psalm 62:7 and 8    The Message (MSG)

  My help and glory are in God—granite-strength and safe-harbor-God— So trust him absolutely, people; lay your lives on the line for him. God is a safe place to be.

 It’s reckless to put our trust in the things of this world. It seems so right, but it’s actually driving on the wrong side of the road and it puts ourselves and others at risk.

It’s safe to trust in God fully and completely.

It’s safe to lay our lives on the line for him