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So, another day eh?


Hey, do you reckon you could...I dunno, make my life totally awesome today?

Hmm, how do you mean?

Like, can you make me kind of super christian like? Can I, you know… arrive today at that place I’m searching for?

Let’s see, you want to know me and be in a complete relationship with me?

Errr… kind of? I guess?

Well, as you know, I am who I am. I am the I am. I rock  amness in all it's amnessness.

Are you on drugs?

No, I’m just trying to make a point, maybe read it in that bible I gave you check it out Exodus 3:14.


I am the Lord your God. Do you trust me, are you willing?

Do I trust you and am I willing to let you make my life awesome? Hell yeah, I mean yes please!

Well, when you say awesome you mean you want to know me more yes?

Yes! Especially if it gives me the warm and fuzzzies!

*sigh* Ok so you trust me yes?


Are you willing to put that trust into action?

Errm… I guess so... I say I trust you, so I must. Being willing is easy surely. But before I say yes, can you give me an example?

Sure, are you willing to be generous?

Are you willing to be uncomfortable?

Are you willing to face hardship for me?

Are you willing to trust me with your kids?

Are you willing to have less, so that your brother can have more?

Are you willing to suffer for me?

Cough…. Not reeaaaalllyy *awkward moment of naked truth*

Ok are you willing to be willing?

*scratches head*…. I’m not super keen.

What are you willing to do?

I’m willing to admit I might have a small willingness problem, and perhaps commit to someday in the future addressing the fact that I need to be willing to be willing, God willing.

That’s not really following me is it.

No, not really. Could you perhaps help me to be willing?

I can, if you are willing ;)

Touché!... You are the I AM! *high five*... Let's get willing.