White Label

White Label.jpg

I’ve been thinking about updating my personal brand.

You know, maximising my potential. Promoting my awesomeness.

So, I did some research and found my starting point.

“What do you wish for people to associate with you when they think of your name?”

Gosh. SO much. I mean first of all, I want people to be thinking about me and my name. A LOT. I want to be a constant in their newsfeed, swishing past with witty posts, deeply engaging content and organic reach that would make a vegan blush.

A symbol of success that ranks highly with both God and Google. Not necessarily in that order.

I want friends. Lots of them, or even better, followers.

Don’t misunderstand me, I don’t I want to lead you, or be your friend.

But when you think of me, which will be often, what do I want you to think of?

Once your pit of bitter resentment towards my success and cyber fame has subsided (sorry not sorry) I want you to think of God.

I mean, I can’t ask for better brand association than that, can I?

But how do I ensure the Almighty Creator of the Universe is synonymous with my personal brand?

I need to reflect him without actually becoming like him. I need to harness his organic reach, without reaching out, I need to attract his followers without following him myself.

I want to repost his content, without really reading it, I want to podcast his stories without having to listen to them, I want to live stream his presence without being in it.

Because I have to be careful.  

The danger of aligning my personal brand with God is that I might be overshadowed.  When people think of me they might start to look beyond me and see him. Or worse, people might start following him directly and stop thinking of me at all. Or worse still, I might start following him myself and before I know it my personal brand would be all wrapped up in who HE is instead of who I am.

Like some white label product given a new identity in God. Created in HIS image to reflect HIS glory.

I mean, who wants to follow someone like that?