I thought of you today

download Hey Kevin, how the bloody hell are ya?

(you remember Kevin? From my choose your own adventure blog)

I thought of you today as we primped and preened

And you were wheeled out into the street with the rats like a pathetic vending machine for loose change

I thought of you today as we drank champagne

And you wondered if someone, anyone would look into your eyes, or if your dismembered limbs would avert their gaze

I thought of you today as we laughed our shrill intoxicated laughs and compared our designer clothes

And you endured another day of your gruelling existence of isolation, loneliness and despair

I thought of you today, as we frittered away millions of dollars in a game, for fun, cos we can

And you knew no comfort, your body wasted away before you, malnourished, mistreated, laying in the stench of your own waste, waiting for the end

I thought of you today as we trotted around like turkeys, gaggling, clinking glasses

Hey Kevin, do you like my fascinator? *giggles*

What’s that Kevin? What’s a fascinator?

Oh, never mind, you wouldn’t understand.

“No. No, I wouldn’t.”