About Bec

One day I woke up and realised I was a piggy bank sitting on the shelf gathering dust. Then God took a sledge hammer to my bulging belly and gave me wings! Stubby pig wings... I'm still waiting for my elegant eagle wings.

For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.

-The Good Book


Blogs and things.


The Feels

She strokes her daughter’s hair, as her head lay on her lap. Gently following the curve of her hairline, her fingers caress her young, unblemished hair. As the train rocks her from side to side she gently sings their favourite song. “Mummy loves Divya, yes she does, Mummy loves Divya yes she does….”

Have a chuckle

 Nothing says Christmas like an angel floating past you  on your morning jog.                                                    Ok, well angel maybe stretching it a little.                  Ok, well jog maybe stretching it a little.                        But it was morning...

Commercial work

 I am an embarrassing Mum. Like totes.                            I do try to be cool. Needless to say, I attracted a few  eye rolls whilst attempting my first dab at the dinner  table last night.                                                          Worst of all I have an unfortunate propensity for tearing  up during school assemblies.                                    Insert eye roll emoji...