9 Strength.png I went to the gym once. They did a fitness test on me, perhaps to see if I should be sent to the back of the class with all the other baggy t shirt wearers, I dunno.

But anyway, they put me through a whole bunch of strength tests, of which I failed all of them with the exception of one. This test involved me lifting my body weight of 36 kilos with my arms. Lo and behold, the adjudicator gave me a tick. Tick. You have one muscle in working order, congratulations!

I was so pumped. I considered this enigma for a moment and realised what had happened. This was my hairdressing muscle! I had my arms in the air like I just don’t care and had inadvertently strengthened a muscle. Nice.

So I trudged back to the gym for a few more sessions to strengthen my remaining  600+ muscles before mercifully I read this verse in the bible from the psalms.

Psalm 62:11   The Message (MSG)

A David Psalm

God said this once and for all; how many times have I heard it repeated? “Strength comes straight from God.”


Scrap the gym, I can mainline strength straight from God! *chest bump God*

Oh man, thanks for that God, so like, I can tap into your strength at will?  Excellent, if you can hold that thought while I position myself on the couch. I’ll give you a hoi if I need you.

That’s what he meant, old Davo, in the psalm didn’t he? I have the strength of the almighty creator God at my disposal if and when I need you? So if I’m going through a tough time, your strength will carry me through.

Like when I’m at the beach, and life gets hard, you swoop me up and carry me like it says in the footprints poem? Your strength is for carrying me. I like that.

For a minute there I thought you might mean like when I’m at the beach, and life gets hard, you might say “drop and give me 20 on the sand”, because you want me to have strength  that comes from training my muscles or something ridiculous.

I thought your strength meant I could be weak? I like being weak.

When I said “Oh Lord, give me strength”. I didn’t meant make me strong!

You want to build resilience, perseverance, dependence, trust, courage, willingness, obedience?


Hey, but what about my one muscle? It’s good for hand raising?

Not enough?

Oh dear, you don’t want me to be buff do you?

That won’t sell many posters for the back of the toilet door.